Alcohol Regulations

Please Respect

Under direct guidance from the State Liquor Authority and our Attorney’s legal advice, we CAN NOT allow alcoholic beverages to brought onto the course unless they were purchased at the lodge on the Greens. As most of you are aware, the legal ramifications and liability concerns fall directly upon us in
the event of an accident of any kind.
In light of this issue, we are offering significantly reduced prices on beverages to be taken on the course
for your golfing pleasure.
In addition, the past practice of tailgating on our property in the parking area will not be allowed for the
same reason as stated above. We have a great restaurant and huge patio for your use, and would love
to have you as our guests at the restaurant.
We trust that we can expect your kind consideration of this issue. Thank you in advance for your


Rick Horn, Course Manager

Shawnee Golf Course

6020 Townline Rd, Wheatfield, NY 14132